Our Values

We are driven by strong ethical and humanitarian values; respect, willingness to help, and compassion.

Our Mission

We are committed to enabling those who are working, travelling or competing overseas to achieve their objective through the delivery of medical advice, support and training.

Our Approach

We combine comprehensive medical preparation and support with a light touch, and an ability to integrate seamlessly and discreetly into our clients' way of working. In so doing we are able to support events, teams and projects in highly challenging and remote environments, allowing ambitious individuals and organisations to push higher and further.

"Adventurers can only be cared for by adventurers. Congrats you guys for being the best medical support Ive ever seen: capable, decision takers, candid, supportive yet strict. Nothing can be more reasssuring than having you guys on board!"

- Valeria Ariza, Uruguayan Endurance Rider

About Intrepid Medics

We are three friends and colleagues that share the explorer's spirit and the passion for wilderness medicine.

Dedicated to practising the highest standards of pre-hospital care in the world's most challenging environments, calling on diverse and extensive direct experience of almost every conceivable remote medical and critical care scenario.

From the battle field, to disaster zones, to healthcare epidemics, and from the High Himalaya, the sub-Saharan savanna, to the limitless Mongolian Steppe, we have worked individually and as a team to provide top-quality care and practical, sustainable solutions in challenging environments.

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Expedition Medicine

On the ground medical support for:

  • Expeditions
  • Film Productions
  • Adventure Tours
  • Special Projects & Events


Bespoke advice and evidence-based medical research to support new or existing projects in specific environments, countries and political regions.

  • Assessment of medical facilities
  • Evacuation protocols
  • Comprehensive country reviews
  • Global expedition medical plans

Planning & Preparation

Expert in providing practical, memorable advice and consultancy to expedition participants to help them prepare, survive and thrive in challenging environments.


Supporting Humanitarian Organizations responding to:

  • Epidemics
  • Natural Disasters
  • Refugee Crises
  • Hazardous Environments

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The Intrepid Medics


Toby Gilbert

Hi, I'm Toby. I gained my Paramedic registration in 2012, after which I spent 4 years working full time in London on Ambulances and Fast Response Units, where I first met Andy. After transferring to a locum contract I enrolled in a MSc in Global Health at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and spent time at Kasturba Medical School in Manipal, India. After completing my studies I went back to London to work for the Ambulance Service and Intern for a Global Health NGO. Realising my love for travel and paramedicine I began teaching and providing medical support in a variety of countries in Europe, Africa and Asia - often with Andy and Andrei. My interests include climbing, snowboarding, surfing, more recently horse riding and anything that gets me outdoors!

Andrei Gavrilut

Hey, I'm Andrei. The journey that brought me here started about 15yrs ago in Paris when I joined the French Foreign Legion. That was a pretty epic adventure that went on for a number of years and took me to places like Africa & the Middle East and steered my focus towards medicine. Initially combat medicine, followed later by pre-hospital & wilderness medicine. I retrained as a paramedic after leaving the FFL, and spent several years working in different countries across 4 continents, being fortunate enough to meet amazing people like Andy and Toby. Outside medicine, I love extreme sports, skydiving, base-jumping, free-diving and lots of other activities that allow me to connect with nature, and meet interesting people.

Andy Fraser

Hello I'm Andy. My medical career started as a street paramedic in London where I first met Toby. I only ever wanted to work in the wilderness though, so I then began working for various NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa before finding my calling in remote search and rescue. Andrei and I then met whilst training the Syrian White Helmets, where after a time Toby joined our team and the idea for this thing of ours was forged! I've been lucky enough to work in nearly every part of this beautiful world with two of the finest gentlemen I know. Long may it continue!


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